Partners & Providers

Partnering for Better Services


For us to provide state-of-the-art hosting and internet solutions requires alliances with a number of renowned partners and providers to create best breed of services. Combined with our expertise, we can ensure your needs are fulfilled.

Partnership Program

We work closely with various industry experts as well as renowned specialists to ensure the services/products are up-to-date with the appropriate solutions to meet customer needs.

The partnership program is designed for companies/individual that want to bring value-added services to their clients without incurring cost. For more information about partnership opportunities, contact us.

    Complex Hosting

  • Equinix: World class data center in 38 markets across 13 countries in USA, EMEA and ASIA.y
  • Digital Realty: One of the biggest data center provider comprise approximately 20.8 million square feet as of July 2012.

    Network Providers

  • Starhub and M1

    Domain Name Registration Providers

  • Webnic and Enom

    Server Providers

  • HP, DELL, SuperMicro and IBM

    Network Equipment Provider

  • Cisco, HP and DELL

    Software Providers

  • Microsoft, cPanel, Axigen and Smartertool

    Social Media Providers

  • Google, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN and Linkedin

    Complex Hosting

  • Android and Apple Apps
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