Our Infrastructure

Local Presence. Global Reach.

Data Center

The success of your websites, emails and web applications require a strong foundation platform, which is a secure and scalable data centre. As your business grows, you need a partner that can recognise this and provide you with the long-term stable and reliable services.

Therefore, all our servers are located at two high-end data centres: Digital Realty and Equinix in four different locations (two in Singapore, two in USA – Dallas and Seattle).


Majority of our servers in the racks are HP, DELL and SuperMicro with dual power supplies, RAID 1 and/or RAID 5 configuration, Gigabit network cards, remote out-of-band management and Dual and Quad Core processors.

And there are a few IBM servers and NAS (Network-attached Storage) equipment as part of our infrastructure.


As we are serving our customers strongly in Asia, ranging from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, India, Hong Kong, China and etc. The networks have an uptime history of 99.9%.

The networks are connecting to 1st-Tier Telecommunication (Telco) companies and peers with major Internet exchanges worldwide. Hence connecting to majority Telcos's is just a cable distance away!

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